Dry Vapour Steam Cleaning and Sanitisation Systems

Food Manufacturers constantly need to increase productivity whilst reducing costs. Not always an easy proposition. Pressure to maintain production runs can make it difficult to schedule maintenance as well as adequate cleaning regimes.

We endeavour to help businesses reduce staff time, increase levels of hygiene and speed up production changeovers utilising the ancient power of steam.

Would you like to automate your conveyor belt cleaning and sanitation as well as reduce the waste streams associated with cleaning?

BioSteam delivers world-class, mobile dry vapour steam cleaning equipment, sometimes also known as saturated steam cleaners.

Using this technology allows us to turn 1 litre of water into 1500 litres of steam with >5 % moisture.

Our Commercial and Industrial steam and vacuum cleaners are Italian manufactured and will be effective in your cleaning and hygiene for decades. Being portable Industrial steam cleaners, they are capable of being used in multiple locations throughout your premises.

Match these steam cleaning machines to a KHD Conveyor Belt Cleaning System and you have an extremely powerful cleaning solution.

With a collective 30 years of experience in almost every Industrial and Commercial sector, supplying and supporting our green cleaning equipment, we have an enviable reputation for going the extra yard.

From single phase Commercial steam generator with vacuum to Industrial 3 phase 10 - 60 Kw Industrial steam cleaning equipment, we can advise you of the best unit for your environment and required outcomes

Top 10 reasons to use Bio Steam’s Commercial and Industrial Vapour Steam Equipment

  • Save Staff Costs. This equipment is so simple and safe that only unskilled staff is required. Even the belt cleaning systems are 5 Minute set up and 5 Minute take down.
  • Reduce Downtime. Speed up product changeovers, clean belts during maintenance schedules or on the fly. No mess, no moisture. Vacuum systems remove it all. We can even clean on the return one or both sides. Continually cleaning during production wow.
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs. How many components fail due to water damage during cleaning. Electronics, bearings, motors all fail when too much water is around. We use only 20-30 litres per hour.  Zero water damage since the vapour steam is < 5 % moisture   1 litre of water = 1500 litres of steam.
  • Increase Hygiene. The 175C vapour steam, penetrates every nook and cranny simultaneously. Cleaning debris off the surface as well as sanitising. Zero airborne debris and proven bacterial, fungi, spores,  killer. Safe and simple, thermal decontamination.
  • Environmental. Businesses are more serious than ever before about reducing their environmental foot print. Water savings of over 90% are not uncommon utilising this range of equipment . Waste streams are drastically reduced as well as chemical costs.
  • Proven technology. No one wants to be a guinea pig and implement unproven systems. You can be assured that this equipment has a long and distinguished history, having been deployed by some of the biggest food manufacturers on the Planet, throughout the world, for over a decade. Robust, mobile and versatile.
  • Multiuse Versatility. From stainless equipment, flat belts, modular belts to freezer floors to Drains, structure, walls etc. This cleaning system can be used throughout a Facility. The KHD conveyor belt cleaning systems are also mobile fully and Fully adjustable. One unit can potentially cover a whole factory.
  • Real Experience. Over 30 years collective knowledge in helping business implement steam cleaning and innovative systems. National Coverage with International networks. Quality products sound advice with a smile. Call us now.

What are the benefits?

  1. Exceed HACCP and all food hygiene requirements
  2. Outstanding ATP and plate results
  3. Save money on water and chemicals
  4. Reduce cleaning time with instant-dry surfaces
  5. Extend the life of your appliances and equipment
  6. Eliminate detergent build-up for slip-free floors
  7. Save money on water and chemicals
  8. Increase the efficiency of your staff
  9. Be environmentally friendly.


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Slash Cleaning Times & Costs, Not Profits & Production.

Belt System Chocolate Cleaning ATP results - ATP readings more than halved every time the conveyor belt passed through the dry steam conveyor cleaner. Total time taken was 10 minutes.

Everything food manufacturing & services need to know about…

  • • Reducing water usage.
  • • Increasing productivity & profits.
  • • Decimating waste streams.
  • • Slashing detergent, chemical and cleaning costs and time.
  • • Improving hygiene and cleanliness standards.

On everything from conveyor belts to stainless steel infrastructures to cold room floors and everywhere in between.

Please register for a FREE Demonstration using the form below or call us to discuss your needs on 07 3824 1883

Register for a FREE Demonstration below or call 07 3824 1883

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