How does Bio Steam technology work?

Superheated dry steam can penetrate even the smallest pores. Its powerful heat thoroughly wipes out bacteria, while the pressure and vapour force remaining dirt to the surface. Finally, all leftover debris is vacuumed away, leaving instantly dry, slip-free and completely sanitised surfaces.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. Dry steam contains only the smallest amounts of moisture, meaning residual heat will dissipate immediately, and without the risk of scalding or burning in close proximity. As an additional safety benefit, Bio Steam leaves surfaces completely dry, eliminating the hazard of slippery surfaces.

Is it chemical-free?

Bio Steam uses the natural forces of heat and vapour to achieve what would otherwise take potentially harmful toxic chemicals. This makes it the safest, most environmentally-friendly solution for the health and hospitality industries, exceeding all HACCP and food hygiene requirements.

Will it help prevent allergies?

Bio Steam methodically eliminates the dust mites and residue responsible for most allergic reactions. It also neatly bypasses the risk of reactions to strong cleaning products.

Will it save money?

Rather than using expensive cleaning products, Bio Steam requires only the smallest amounts of ordinary water to produce large quantities of steam. With no drying required afterwards, it also reduces valuable cleaning time and greatly increases staff efficiency.

Will it damage or shrink fabrics?

With the exception of only the most delicate, heat-sensitive material, dry steam cleaning completely avoids the moisture and residual heat that warps fabric.

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Slash Cleaning Times & Costs, Not Profits & Production.

Belt System Chocolate Cleaning ATP results - ATP readings more than halved every time the conveyor belt passed through the dry steam conveyor cleaner. Total time taken was 10 minutes.

Everything food manufacturing & services need to know about…

  • • Reducing water usage.
  • • Increasing productivity & profits.
  • • Decimating waste streams.
  • • Slashing detergent, chemical and cleaning costs and time.
  • • Improving hygiene and cleanliness standards.

On everything from conveyor belts to stainless steel infrastructures to cold room floors and everywhere in between.

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Register for a FREE Demonstration below or call 07 3824 1883

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