Hi!  Welcome to Bio Steam’s first Newsletter.  “Full steam ahead” is my section, where I tell you all the hot news about what’s going on in hygiene and clean that affects YOUR business.  Let’s get started...

What’s with the new name?

Bio Steam is our new name (formerly Steam Australia QLD).  Our revamped name is part of our revamped positioning.  What does it mean for you?


Cleanliness has long been proven to be the most important selection criteria for restaurant patrons.  Now, with the introduction of food safety schemes like “Eat Safe Brisbane”, HYGIENE is the “make it or break it” element for food industry business success.  Both front of house and back of house sanitation are crucial for a high star ranking in the “Eat Safe Brisbane” program and others like it.  Low rankings result in higher license fees, more frequent audits and most likely a loss of customers.

Healthcare environments like hospitals, nursing homes, doctors' surgeries and even hospital food preparation areas and service areas are facing a disastrous situation: both common infection strains and superbugs like MRSA and VRE are causing death rates, health care costs and cleaning staff numbers to soar.  Never before has the healthcare industry been so concerned about antibacterial and chemically resistant infections.


Cleanliness has long been the most important factor for patrons selecting restaurants.  With the introduction of the ‘Eat Safe Brisbane’ food safety rating scheme, hygiene is now the most critical element of food industry business success.

World class technology


Unique, state-of-art
“extreme hygiene”

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Friendly service and training


Unbeatable service
above and beyond
what’s expected.

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Easy to buy finance


Easy to buy, rent
or rent-to-own
finance options.

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