Hi!  Welcome to Bio Steam’s first Newsletter.  “Full steam ahead” is my section, where I tell you all the hot news about what’s going on in hygiene and clean that affects YOUR business.  Let’s get started...

What’s with the new name?

Bio Steam is our new name (formerly Steam Australia QLD).  Our revamped name is part of our revamped positioning.  What does it mean for you?


Extreme “commercial” hygiene

We’re shifting our focus to concentrate on bringing cutting-edge commercial cleaning solutions to those industries in which extreme hygiene is most critical; like hospitals, healthcare, food service and manufacture, accommodation and contract cleaning.  So if your business needs more than just clean, you need Bio Steam.

World-class service and solutions

We’re going global with our knowledge base, our partnerships and our level of service.  You’ll get the best in the world from Bio Steam.  We’re sharing the benefits of our partnerships with international steam cleaning technology and products experts with you.

Hot technology

We're bringing you the newest, most innovative, hottest products for cleaning, ever.  These new products are designed specifically for businesses that need to bust germs, bacteria and viruses.  If you're involved in infection control, these are tools you won't be able to survive without. Get them while they're hot: email us your details, and we'll let you know when the tools are launched.

We’ve got new ways to grow your business

I knew that would get your attention!  It’s true...we’re developing a whole new way of supporting our distributors to help them grow.  Our new marketing model is soon to be launched.  Want to get the dirt on it?  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: discover new ways to grow your sales and profits with us.

Happy cleaning!

Neil Hodkinson
Managing Director

World class technology


Unique, state-of-art
“extreme hygiene”

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Friendly service and training


Unbeatable service
above and beyond
what’s expected.

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Easy to buy finance


Easy to buy, rent
or rent-to-own
finance options.

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