Cleanliness has long been proven to be the most important selection criteria for restaurant patrons.  Now, with the introduction of food safety schemes like “Eat Safe Brisbane”, HYGIENE is the “make it or break it” element for food industry business success.  Both front of house and back of house sanitation are crucial for a high star ranking in the “Eat Safe Brisbane” program and others like it.  Low rankings result in higher license fees, more frequent audits and most likely a loss of customers.

Now, more than ever, dry vapour steam technology is needed for restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets and other food industry businesses.  Bio Steam’s innovative equipment penetrates places conventional cleaning can’t reach, dissolves oils and fats, kills bacteria, eliminates viruses, dries instantly and is environmentally friendly.

Sunnybank Community & Sports Club, a Bio Steam customer, says: “We use the steam cleaner in hard to reach places like cleaning fridge seals. The use of the steam cleaner has helped in boosting the club’s image, and all areas are looking like new.”  They add that “the time and wages and water that are saved have been exceptional.”

Get “Extreme Clean” for your business, too.  Our SteamPro Super is the ideal machine for keeping food industry environments clean and hygienic.  Contact us to request a SteamPro Super product brochure or to book a FREE demonstration.

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