return belt cleaner

The Fixed Systems are designed for cleaning flat belts (webs) in a wide range of environments, from dry environments where wet cleaning has to be avoided, to damp and wet environments. The systems use steam to break down debris and oils, sanitising as it works. An efficient vacuum draws away the debris and moisture to leave the belt dry. An optional motorised brush is also available.

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Fixed Systems are available in two versions; single-sided and two sided cleaning. These devices have been developed for cleaning in place. Crucially, KHD has designed the devices for simple and quick cleaning of the cleaning equipment, the source of cross-contamination and reliability in other fixed systems. These are ideally suited to cleaning light debris, oils and many confectionary products such as chocolate. The speed and ease in which the belt cleaners fit to existing or new conveyors makes this a very cost-effective and useful belt cleaning solution.

The cleaning heads use the power of steam from portable steam boiler technology without resorting to chemicals, using as little as 13 - 26 litres of tap water per hour. These are powerful and environmentally attractive tools for the food industry.




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