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Get an Extreme Clean with Bio Steam's Fury

The Fury is a tough and powerful cleaning solution withincreased stability. Using dry vapour steam and state-of-the-art equipment, the Fury will give your biggest and toughest cleaning challenges an extreme clean. Not just meeting - but exceeding - all HACCP and food regulatory requirements, the Fury's unique equipment is proven to give you the highest levels of sanitation and hygiene possible.

With a low centre of gravity and a heavy duty trolley, stability and safety are assured when used in rough terrains such as roads and uneven factory floors. Factory equipment, walls and floors will be quickly, easily and reliably cleaned and disinfected. The Fury is also ideal for chewing gum removal from roads, pavements, concrete and stone.


How does it work?

Specialised cleaning tools help dry vapour steam molecules penetrate even the smallest pores, killing bacteriaand forcing dirt and debris to the surface - without any chemicals! When an extra cleaning boost is needed, a small amount of food-safe detergent is injected to suspend the dirt. Dirt and debris are vacuumed away, leaving slip-free, instantly dry, sanitised surfaces.

Download Spec SheetWhat are the benefits?

  • Exceed HACCP and all food hygiene requirements
  • Reduce cleaning time with instant-dry surfaces
  • Extend the life of your appliances and equipment
  • Eliminate detergent build-up for slip-free floors
  • Save money on water and chemicals
  • Increase the efficiency of your staff
  • Be environmentally friendly

Who does the Fury suit?

The Fury is ideal for factories,industrial outlets and contractors that need atough and powerful cleaningsolution with increased stability.

How can I buy a Fury?

  1. Buy now
  2. Rent now - for a day, a week, a month
  3. Rent now, buy in 12 months - and get a 75% rebate on the rental cost.


How much is your weekly rent?
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