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In 2010 my company (QFS) purchased a Steam Cleaning unit from Bio-Steam for use in a major distribution outlet (Woolworths – Larapinta Brisbane). The facility can have up to 1500 employees on site at any time and the associated areas requiring heavy cleaning are numerous. Areas such as showers, toilet, wash basins, walkway walls, stairs etc had been an ongoing challenge for us. Although sceptical prior to its trial and eventual purchase I have been amazed at its ability to remove stains, dirt, grease etc. Additionally the backup service provided by Bio-Steam has been outstanding and an example of that is a call made to them today some twelve months after purchase to request training of new staff at the site and their immediately availability to do so at no cost. If any prospective buyer wishes to contact me directly for confirmation of the above please do so and I will be only too willing to discuss the benefits of doing business with Bio-Steam.

Waterwise Cleaning ! Tackling a bakery oven that has built-up grease and carbon deposits usually means a lot of hard work for a cleaner as well as the use of lots of caustic and degreasing chemicals. One process for cleaning ovens in the shape of the ones to the right can involve degreasers suspended in water applied with cleaning sponges, scourers or cloths. This method is messy and time consuming. It involves a lot of repetitious action as well as the potential overuse of chemicals due to the inefficient application process.

We achieved quite amazing results on two of our totally grubby lead gowns, which were close to being withdrawn from service simply on the basis of their appearance...we had tried all sorts of methods to clean them with poor results and only the steam cleaning worked,and with spectacular results! The process was quick,easy and straight forward and despite our concerns about burns and staff safety (i.e scalding etc), it all seems very safe! Michael was really helpful in this respect and he knows his product very well. Our lead gowns have always posed a problem with regards to cleaning and have also posed issues from an infection control perspective.With the application of steam cleaning I believe that we may have a brilliant solution to both issues that is quick,easy,safe and cost effective. I imagine that all sites where lead gowns are used,especially in a procedural/operating theatre setting will want to use this cleaning process to ensure that their gowns are not only clean, but sanitory from an infection control risk perspective. Thanks again!

John Gibney Medical Imaging Technologist Angiography St John of God Murdoch Hospital

Thanks for the speedy delivery of the steam hose which makes cleaning of the kitchens that much easier. You know if Australian companies gave the service Biosteam provide by god this country would be unreal. I have other steam machines but they do not have the attachments that you provide so I hardly use it.

Allworth Cleaning

The Evolution Steam cleaner we bought 3 months ago is performing up to our expectations. It is used for cleaning ovens, hoods, racks, fridge condensers, water chiller condensers, ceilings, front counter woodwork and any item that gets a build up of grease – wheels – power outlets and pipes.

Bakers Delight

I own and operate Bluestone Café situated on the corner of Hunter and O’Connell Streets in the Sydney CBD.  The café operates from Monday to Friday from 06:15 to 17:45 each day.  The café seats 100 patrons and conducts over 1000 transactions per day.

Bluestone Cafe

After trialing the steam machine in our bakery for several months we were thrilled with the results we could achieve with little or no chemicals.We were able to clean floors, oven doors, greasy walls and windows with far better results than conventional chemical cleaners.
Brumby’s  Jindalee

I have had your steam cleaner for approximately 3 weeks and I find it an asset to our bakery cleaning programme, especially in hard to get places e.g. mould in prover corners and joines, bread slicer seams, cold room door seals, scales and weights.
Brumby's Maryborough

I am delighted to offer this endorsement  of Biosteam not only for their extreme Steam cleaning equipment but also regards their service and commitment. Clean -Air Pty Ltd regularly cleans commercial kitchens on behalf of our clients , as such we are always looking for more efficient methods.
Clean Air

At Hogs Breath café Albury, we have been using the Vega Steam cleaner and Vacuum for the past 2 years. We use the cleaner in all areas of the restaurant and have found that the results are fantastic!
Hogs Breath Cafe Albury

After much research into an effective, portable machine to clean the corridors, steps, paths etc., we were introduced to the steam cleaning machine. We have found the machine easy to use and adaptable for many more application throughout complex such as glass cleaning, removal of chewing gum etc.
Outrigger Hervey Bay

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all at Biosteam for the demonstration and service provided when we purchased a steam cleaner for our park.  It is one of the best products we use in our facility.
Top of The Town - Stanthorpe

I thought it timely, as we have now been using the VEGA Steam Cleaning for 6 months to inform you as to how we have found its performance. We initially researched the marketplace for an environmental friendly alternative to commercial chemicals to clean and sanitise our Catering equipment and surfaces.
Tweed Heads Bowls Club

We have used our steamer for a year now. We use it bond, home, commercial, retail cleans. We purchased our Steamer to help up follow our philosophy of keeping things as product free as possible and to assist us in the tougher jobs we may encounter i.e. grout, ovens etc. We have used it you could say from ceiling to floors and it has performed superbly.

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Belt System Chocolate Cleaning ATP results - ATP readings more than halved every time the conveyor belt passed through the dry steam conveyor cleaner. Total time taken was 10 minutes.

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